Wushu Children's Forms
  1. Basic Skills Fist Set
  2. Basic Rattan Gun (Staff) Set
  3. Chang Quan Yi
  4. Basic Qiang (Spear) Skills Set
  5. Chang Quan Er
  6. Basic Dao (Broad Sword) Skills Set
  7. Chang Quan San
  8. Basic Jian (Straight sword) Skills Set

If a child wishes to enter into adult training, the child should be at least 14 years old and ready in mind and size for adult Kung-fu.

We do not teach combat oriented kung-fu to children because they do not yet have their adult bodies and as we all know adult bodies do not work like children's bodies. This being our philosophy we believe it best to give good fundamentals to our children but not lock in any mechanics that may need to change as they grow to full size.

Kung Fu Adult Forms
  1. Short Form of the Tiger
  2. Drilling Crane
  3. Shadow Tiger
  4. Radiant Tiger
  5. Thundering Crane
  6. Dancing Crane
  7. Short Form of the Leopard
  8. Pouncing Leopard
  9. Stalking Leopard
  10. Short form of Snake
  11. Coiling Snake
  12. Striking Snake
  13. Short Form of Dragon
  14. Swimming Dragon
  15. Dancing Dragon
  16. Long form of the Golden Five Animals

Martial Proverbs

When the Way comes to an end, then change - having changed, you pass through.

~I Ching