A student rank. The Xuesheng's responsibility is to practice dilligently what they learn in class and cultivate a high level of kung-fu.


A support officer rank. The Si-Juk's responsibility is to help the Si-Di guide his chamber.


A support / command rank. The Si-Di's responsibility is to maintain a good chamber and see to it that their chamber keeps up with it's Gar.


A command / support rank. The Si-Hing's responsibility is to give command instruction to all Si-Di in their Gar and, support the Laoshir in the running or the Gar.


A command rank. The Laoshir is responsible for the quality of education that the Gar receives and is in direct command of the Gar. The Laoshir is also responsible for ensuring that their Gar members keep up with their respective Halls.


Supreme command rank. The Si-Fu is in direct command of their hall and has no support officer to help them. They are responsible for keeping order and quality of training and excellence with in their Hall. The Si-Fu commands the 3 Laoshir that comprise a Hall and are responsible for the other 93 students that comprise their Hall.

Yup Moon Dai Gee

Specialized skills rank. "In the door student" has no athority or command but learns information not available to xueshengs.

Yup Sut Dai Gee

Specialized Skills rank. Inner Chamber disciple. Has entered the path of disciplship and is about to be a recognised lineage holder under his master.

Lao Si-Fu

Head Master ultimate command rank (academy). The Lao Si-Fu is responsible for the other 291 students that comprise an academy. They are the ultimate authority on everything in the academy and their word is final. They ensure the integrity of the academy and all it's students.

Dashi / Si-Jo*

Grandmaster or Senior Master ultimate command rank (system). Is the ultimate authority on everything system wide no matter which academy the student belongs to.

*Si-Jo can only be used by the system founder.

Martial Proverbs

The key to immortality is first to live a life worth remembering.

~Bruce Lee