Golden Lotus Kung Fu Academies all use the same internal structure. The Academy always has three Halls representing the three goals of the system, Longevity, Physical Health, and Mental Health. Each Hall has three Gars, or Families, representing the three training influences, Spiritual, External, and Internal. Each Gar has three chambers containing ten students representing the three forces, Nothingness, Chi, and Ling. The sum total of chambers in the entire academy also represents the twenty-seven theories.


The Curriculum of the Golden Lotus Kung-Fu system is divided into nine martial tiers each with external and internal aspects, 27 martial theories, and 27 applications for each theory totaling 729 base applications.

Tier one is the basic tier that covers proper stance work, animal fist forms, and basic weaponry forms. The first tier is designed to teach speed, coordination, flexibility, visualization, and body connectivity also known as full body mechanics. In this first tier the student is also taught the basic theories of the system.

Path of Mastery

Upon completing basic weaponry, students must choose their path of mastery:

Animal fist

10, 12, 24 and 32 animal systems.

Scholar fist

Omei, Buddha, Cannon, Barrel, Willow and other such non-animal fist sets.


A focus on weapon mastery.


A focus on Acupuncture, Herbology, Moxibustion, and massage as well as other healing techniques.

Combat Medic

A focus on learning how to apply the medic healing technique both during combat and as a combative system.


A focus on internal arts including but not limited to Longmenpai Canon, Hsing-I, Bagua, Tai Chi, Liuhebafa, and Hao Chuan.

Martial Proverbs

The true kung fu practitioner finds ways to practice kung fu in everything they do.

~Dashi John