Kung Fu Adult Weapons

  1. Gun - A rattan staff
  2. Luk Dim Boon Kwun - A white wax wood pole also called a dragon pole or a 6 and a half point pole
  3. Qiang - A spear head normally attached to a dragon pole
  4. Teng - A rattan cane
  5. Dao - A broad sword
  6. Jian - Straight sword
  7. Lian Dao Qiang - Hook headed spear
  8. Shuang Tou Qiang - Double headed spear
  9. Hau Cha - A tiger fork spear
  10. Jook Wan Huen - Bamboo or Rattan ring
  11. Pu Dao - A smaller sword like weapon
  12. Kwan Dao - A large spear like weapon
  13. Bagua Dao - A two handed Broadsword
  14. Shan zi - A fan used in fighting application, called Tie Shan when using a combat ready model made of steel or Iron
  15. Shuang Tie Shan - Double Fan
  16. Lu Jiao Dao - Double deer antler shaped blades
  17. Zi Wu Xien - Sun & Moon rings
  18. Feng Huo Lun - Wind & Fire wheels
  19. Qian Kun Ri Yue Dao - Twin Tiger Hook Swords though the translation is actually Heaven, Earth, Sun & Moon sword
  20. Shoa zi gun - A two sectional staff
  21. Tie Kuai Zi - Iron Chop sticks
  22. Fei Mao Dun - A fly whisk
  23. Ban Deng - A wooden bench
  24. Emei Ci - Two large needles held on a ring around your finger
  25. Shuang Bi Shou - Double Daggers
  26. Shuang Fu - Double Axes
  27. Shuang Chui - Double Hammers
  28. Hu Die Shuang Dao - Butterfly knives
  29. Shuang Jian - Twin straight swords
  30. Shuang Dao - Twin Broad swords
  31. San Jie Gun - Three sectional staff
  32. Jie Bian - Whip chain
  33. Bian - Hard whip more like a short iron rod in western terms
  34. Dun - Shield
  35. Qiang Xie - Firearms (hand guns, Shot guns, Rifles this includes how not to get shot by them and how to use them as melee weapons in addition to there intended use)

Martial Proverbs

To learn kung fu fully, one must embody the entire kung fu philosophy. Without the mind the body is useless.

~Chinese Classic